Looking for the ultimate physical and mental challenge? Look no further than the first multi-stage endurance race with camels!

The Tahadiy Al-Sahra race is designed to test your limits and push you to your absolute best. Over the course of multiple stages, you’ll ride your way through some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain on the planet: Wadi Rum.

Each stage is a unique adventure, offering a chance to explore new places and experience new cultures.

But this isn’t just about adventure – it’s also about accomplishment. When you cross that finish line, you’ll know that you’ve achieved something truly remarkable. 

And best of all, you won’t be doing it alone. Our race attracts a tight-knit community of adventurers who share a passion for endurance sports, camels and camel culture alike. You’ll connect with like-minded individuals and build lifelong friendships as you train, compete, and celebrate together.

This isn’t just about personal challenge and community – it’s also about making a difference. The race is organized to support a charitable cause, so every step you take, every kilometer you ride, every dollar you raise will make a real difference to the community in Wadi Rum as well as the camels.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start your preparation towards the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance and riding skills!

This is an adventure of a life time. Get to know Wadi Rum, local Bedouin culture, camels and yourself like never before.

Accept the challenge.



Dates: 21-28 October 2023

Where: Wadi Rum, Jordan

Type of Ride: Multi Stage Race

Cost of Entry: £4,650 / AED 21,152 (save 10% with ADCRC discount code) 

Operator: Wadi Rum Camel Adventures

Riding level: prior riding experience is recommended but 2 dedicated training days are part of the trip

Weight limit: Maximum of 90kg / 198lbs

Time in the saddle: 4-8 hours per day

Total Distance: 140 kms in 5 stages


Camels are an iconic part of the Bedouin culture in Wadi Rum, and they have been used for transportation and trade in the region for centuries. 

These magnificent animals are well-suited to the harsh desert environment, and are prized for their strength, endurance, and ability to go long periods without water.

The typical gear includes a thick saddle blanket, which is placed over the camel’s hump, and a sturdy wooden framed saddle that is secured to the blanket. 

The saddle is designed to distribute the rider’s weight evenly, and to provide a comfortable and stable platform for the race.

Participants are teamed up with a 1-2-1 Bedouin team mate and 2 camels per team. This is necessary to ensure camels follow the race route as they might not trust a complete stranger. 


All riders and spectators will be accommodated in our traditional Bedouin camp. Tents will be shared with two riders per tent on a same sex basis. If pairs book either as racers or spectators we will accommodate you together.

The heart of a camp is the large communal tent where we will eat, talk and relax in the evenings. We kindly request that you remove your shoes before entering the tent, and whilst sitting please try not to point your feet at other people.

We have solar heated showers and toilets for your use.

There is electricity to charge your devices, but there is no wi-fi in the desert. Remember, this is an adventure…not a holiday.


The entry fee includes transfer to Wadi Rum Visitor Center and camps, the race entry and race kit including a T-shirt, goat skin water carrier, Shemagh (scarf), accommodation in shared tents during the race,  all main meals, and cultural demonstrations and activities.


The price does not include international or domestic flights or transfer to Wadi Rum Visitor Center, travel insurance and visa costs.

Full medical and holiday insurance is required to join the race.


You will have to organize your transfer from the airport to Wadi Rum Visitor Center. Amman Airport to Wadi Rum is around 4 hours by car. 

ADCRC can assist in organizing a team shuttle for all participants out of Dubai.


Overall, the meals in Wadi Rum are flavorful, wholesome, and nourishing, and offer a delicious taste of the Bedouin culture and way of life.

Breakfast includes eggs, bread, beans, coffee and tea.

For lunch expect to eat light, as you’ll be traveling in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert, though the packed lunches will be enough to keep you going for the second half of the day. 

Evening meals are freshly cooked and represent Jordanian cuisine, often with meat or chicken. 

Vegetarian options are available, kindly specify prior. 

You’ll be served endless cups of tea throughout the trip. 

Packing list

We recommend long, light colored (linen) shirts, traditional jalabiyas and kandooras, or anything that blends in well, with the stunning landscapes, covers your skin from the strong sun, and makes it easy for you to sit on the camel and on carpets to have meals. Riding pants, are recommended or any type of  long pants that does not have a high synthetic material content, to avoid sliding on the camel. Shorts are not recommended as they may have you result in chaffed skin.

To protect your head, it is recommended to wear a sheila, or safra, head scarf, which can also be purchased in Jordan. Footwear can be either barefoot, or sandals or light trainers like Converse, that are fixed to the foot to avoid falling off while riding. 

The nights in the desert can get rather chilly, so do include a pair of socks, and a warm jacket for the evenings.

Include some energy gels, and snacks for personal use for 5 days as there are no shops near by to restock. 

Anti-chaff cream, sun protection and a refillable water container are recommended, if you don’t feel comfortable using a goat skin. 

Include power banks, a GoPro and a good quality fannypack in your gear list.


Tents will be shared with two riders per tent on a same sex basis. If pairs book either as racers or spectators we will accommodate you together.

We have solar heated showers and toilets for your use.

There is electricity to charge your devices, but there is no wi-fi in the desert.

Social Impact

Animal welfare is at the very heart of this race. The camel is central to the culture of the local Bedouin.

All camels will be inspected daily by our veterinary and welfare team, and their decision will be final on the fitness of a camel to continue.

20% of all profits from the Tahadiy Al-Sahra will go directly to local animal welfare charities, with an emphasis on increasing education on husbandry and welfare.

How to sign up: 

Inform us via email about your ambition to participate and submit your entry application as well as submit your deposit of £500 directly with the organizers via this link: 

Secure your spot

Mention ADCRC to receive 10% off on the total entry fee.


Arrive at Wadi Rum Visitor Centre between 8 and 10AM, and we will transport you to our Bedouin Camp. After a welcome brief from our team, we will introduce you to your Bedouin team mate. The remainder of the day will be riding lessons one and two.

The evening will involve traditional Bedouin music and singing and a delicious feast.

We will consolidate your riding skills with lessons three and four. In the evening we will have our first race briefing for tomorrows challenge.

After breakfast you’ll help your teammate saddle the camels and we’ll travel as a group to the start line for our first race of approximately 20kms.

In the evening you will receive a Bedouin falconry demonstration before dinner.

Our second day of racing will push both your endurance and riding skills a little further. At 25kms total you will be spending more time in the saddle, building your relationship with your guide and your camel in breathtaking surroundings.

Before dinner there will be a demonstration of metalwork and sword making from a master Bedouin craftsman.

Your third day of racing will see you exploring the White Desert area of Wadi Rum. The daily distance will be 35kms and will involve some long straight distances, the perfect opportunity to loosen your reins and get some speed out of your camel and put in a fast performance.

In the evening you will have the option of attending a demonstration of camel milking before dinner.

Speed will be the factor day, as you will take on a short and fast 12km sprint in the vivid soft sand of the Red Desert. The shorter distance will help both riders and camels prepare for the following day.

In the afternoon we will have the option of climbing the beautiful Burda mountain. Not only does this offer breathtaking views, but will allow you to stretch your legs.

The Ultimate Desert Challenge, at 50km this route will take in a really diverse and scenic tour of Wadi Rum. For those competing for the win, today will allow you to catch the leaders or build a comfortable lead. For those who haven’t been hitherto competitive, there is the stand alone Sheikh Attayaq trophy for the fastest time in our final race.

The overall Tahadiy Al-Sahra winner, with the fastest overall time over the five days will have their camel daubed with saffron.

In the evening we will feast, enjoy Bedouin music and have a prize giving ceremony. The winner will have the honor of wearing the famous black bisht and will be presented with the Tahadiy Al-Sahra winners sword.

After breakfast we will transport you to the Wadi Rum Visitor center where you can travel on to Amman or Aqaba.