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C1 Championship: all-female camel racing

A racing series consisting of 5 individual competitions over a period of 6 months.
Points per race:

Points Season 23/24

Jockey Name

Judy Richards

Coralie Viroulaud

Jana Schmiedel

Linda Krockenberger

Katie Higgins

Rawan Salah


Svetlana Agapova

Leoni Strommer

Race 1






Race 2

Race 3

Race 4



  1. Races will cover a distance of 1,200m on flat sand track.

  2. All camel gaits are allowed (canter, trot, walk).

  3. Races will start at a hydraulic gate.

  4. Winners will be determined by order of crossing the finish line.

  5. Crossing the finish line will also be timed and recorded as part of the Rating System across the season.

Camels and Riders will be disqualified for the following reasons:

  1. Belts used to strap rider to camel.

  2. Electric shockers found mounted to the camel or used in whips, overusage of the whip.

  3. External influence of camel owner on camel during race beyond vocal cheering on.

  4. Interference with gear of competitor camels and riders

  5. Riding gear that has not been tested and approved prior to the race

  6. A race can be cancelled by ADCRC for reasons only determined by ADCRC

  7. A race can be cancelled by the Camel Racing Club for reasons e.g. weather warnings.


  1. Riders must have obtained the racing license from Dubai Camel Racing Club

  2. Riders agree to participate in riding, racing and camel handling at their own risk and signed the race waiver.

  3. Riders must be female

  4. Riders must be 18 yrs of age or above

  5. Riders must wear a riding helmet and body protector

  6. Riders are responsible to inspect their riding equipment on body as on camel as part of their due diligence and responsibility.

  7. Riders declare that they are in sound condition and undertake participation with the knowledge of the physical demands required.

  8. Riders agree to follow instructions by all ADCRC staff as well as by (DCRC) at all times.

  9. Riders agree to respect the local culture and customs and will accept dress code set by ADCRC.

  10. Riders are not allowed to use belts, that fixes the rider to the camel/saddle/shedad.

  11. Riders must not exceed a body weight of 80kg.

  12. Riders are prohibited to race, handle a camel or be present on the race track, if under the influence of drugs or alcohol or awareness altering medication.

  13. The usage of the stick or whip is permitted. However, riders consent to make use of the whip only when necessary and when there is reasonable chance that the whip will change the ranking. The total strokes are limited to 8 per race, and there must be at least 3 complete canter jumps between each stroke. 

  14. Participating in the race automatically means riders are an ambassador of fair and reasonable competition with animals and consider animal welfare as important. As riders and organizers, we strive to bring positive change and improvement for the sport, animals, and riders.

Example of Dubai Camel Racing Club Jockey License

How to obtain the license: 

You are already an experienced camel jockey and completed races that did not require the license: 

– You can get in touch with the DCRC licensing department directly, and apply for the license with your Emirates ID, a passport picture and payment of 600 AED at the DCRC office. They will issue the license directly, as per their discretion.

You are riding camels but haven’t yet accomplished the levels required to be a jockey in a race: 

We suggest to find a training opportunity with us, or any other place that you deem suitable. Once you are ready to canter 1,200m, you will have to schedule a test day, where someone from the DCRC will assess your skills before issuing the license. 

ADCRC helps to facilitate testing days throughout the year.

Dubai Camel Racing Club

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Race Reports


A close finish and a surprise for 3rd Place