Oman has our heart

We partner with a local families and camel people to bring you Oman based camel experiences.

There is something raw and wholesome about the way of life in the deserts of Oman.

If you are a visitor to Oman or the region or someone living here permanently, we truly think you should take a trip to Bidiya once. 

A town that has the vibe of a ski station in Europe, that expands with seasonal visitors and shrinks again when its off season, it is also the kind of town that doesn’t come with a manual and can be easily misunderstood or you miss out on the best parts. 

After or own long search, we found a great partner to work with in Oman, who understands our concept of riding school and independent camel travels and who is an expert in his field – camels and the way of life of the Bedu people. 

Choose your adventure below or reach out to us to schedule your trip to the Wahiba Sands.

One Hour Camel Experience

A peak into the world of camels. A 1 hour riding experience across the towering dunes and valleys with the trusted steed of the desert, the camel.

Sunset Ride + Dinner

Enjoy a calm evening just 30 minutes outside of Bidiya and ride camels into sunset. After the ride, you will be served dinner at the camp, before heading back to town.

A 4×4 is required to reach the camp. Transfer can be provided at an extra charge.

Stay overnight at the Camp

We highly recommend a stay at the desert camp in the typical cloth tents. 

The silence and the night sky are truly calming, and you’ll wake up refreshed and to a hot cup of Omani tea or coffee 

A Full Day Trek with Lunch

Looking for a little bit more than just a short ride? Go for a full day adventure on camel back with the amazing guides and camels. You will be leaving in the morning, ride until lunch, and continue until sunset.  

EXPeditions from 2 - 8 days

Long distance treks with camels, guided by local Omani Bedu who live a life almost unchanged. 

Trips that will leave you touched and humbled in so many ways. 

The Location in Oman


South of Al Raka
Bidiya, Oman

Desert locations require 4x4 vehicles to reach.