We have a club house, or majilis, which is where you can leave your car keys, your purse and phone. We don’t allow bag packs, and handbags on the camel.
Our center has a washroom and shower facility available to riders. Please do bring your own towel.
Taxis and Uber do not service this area. We can arrange for a pickup/drop off at an additional charge.

To join for your first class, you are not required to have any prerequisites. There is no previous experience required. We are there to teach you along the way. We require riders to adhere to our weight restrictions of 90kg. Children can ride with their parents up to 8 years old. 9 years onwards, we recommend riding alone. Do send us an email at hello@ajv.9e3.myftpupload.com to discuss your family’s visit.

We suggest to pick comfortable clothes and light materials such as horse-riding pants, sweat pants or stretchy jeans. Select materials that have more cotton than polyester to avoid slipping while riding. Please dress modestly in line with our environment and community we operate in. We ride barefoot, so a simple pair of slippers to walk through sand is the perfect pair of shoes.
We don’t recommend shorts for riding.
Biting or spiting is a reaction to a strong trigger, for example someone deliberately hurts and threatens the camel. Our camels are being treated well and are comfortable in the company of humans. Hence, they do not bite and spit.