Season Opening Race 2022/23

After months of training for both the jockeys and camels, the season opening race of the C1 Championship season 22/23 has come. The excitement of the team is at its peak.

By around 3pm, all the members have reached to deal with the details.

That includes

  • To put the attire on, on which the jockey’s name, number and flags are visible, as well as the names of the sponsors
  • To discover the attribution of the camels to the riders.

The next step could be considered as the most important and requires some quiet time as well as some exchange of advice within the team. Same as humans, all camels are different, and so the appropriate strategies should be adopted. At that moment, to mix with the excitement, the stress is rising, but a motivational stress!

By 4pm, the event has started and the supporters are arriving. The parking will soon be almost full.

After some photoshoots including a last picture of the team in the Grand Cherokee, by the Platinum sponsor of the C1 Championship – Jeep – it is time for the introduction. Linda, co-founder of the ADCRC and of the championship, is in charge and took us through the concept of the event and the program, and presented the team.

By 4:50pm, it is time to make a move and the jockeys are joining their respective teammate at the start line – 1,200 meters. Also the camels are getting excited and impatient, but the race is about to start! It is amazing to see so many people and cars along the racing track!

By 5:15pm: here we are, each team sets off in pursuit of the victory. After a few meters, the positions are appearing – Linda and New Black, Judy and Jebel Ali, Katie with Hamloul, are in front! But despite the current positions, the results are still not obvious and predictable, that will be the case until the end of the race.

Jana on Shababi have proven that right, with their strong comeback in the last few meters, moving from place 7 to 3! Strategically remarkable! After less than 3 minutes, all the jockeys & camels have passed the finish line, the jockeys jumped off and greeted their competitors. That is a landmark moment for the group.

Linda and New Black win the first race of the C1 Championship!

Followed by Judy & Jebel Ali in second position, Jana & Shababi in #3, Khadija & Mashour in #4, Katie & Hamloul in #5, Joana & Shaheen in #6, Coralie & Sogan in #7 and Sarah & Prince in #8.

By 5:40pm, it is time for the winning ceremony and closing of the event. More photoshoots, more greetings, more excitement.

We can’t wait to see what is going to happen in the second race, stay turned!