Oman on camels - raw and wholesome


We just got back from our first 7 day trek, crossing the length of the Wahiba Desert on camels – and it was magical. 

Deserts, camels, starlit nights and bonfires, maybe a melody hummed by Omanis on the trek, we can easily paint a very romantic picture and certainly, all these elements are part of the trek. 

But what really left an impression, is the intimate glimpse into a way of life, that somehow is preserved despite development all around. The wittiness of fixing things and reusing items, the limited but extremely efficient gear, the tea, coffee and food preparation that is so consistent, you know it is not to be messed with, the early morning start and an an early night, a day that is defined by the rhythm of nature. 

A routine settled in quickly, from getting ready in the morning, followed by a steaming tea or coffee brewed on the fire to warm up, before breakfast and collecting the camels from their grazing fields. And then, it meant back on the camel to cover the daily portion of the 150km trek.

Riding through sand dunes, green valleys thanks to the recent rains, passing by wells, and an occasional settlement, the lack of distraction is pure restoration for the soul. 

You can travel the desert by car, with quick pitch tents and the latest gear and comfort, but there is something so raw and magical, when you travel by camel, led by a local Bedu family, that lives and breathes the desert.

Don’t miss the chance to ride with Abdullah with one of our scheduled trips or reach out for a private trip: 

2024 dates for the 2 day ride (4 days trip) 

  • 01. February 2024 (advanced) – 5 camels
  • 03. February 2024 (no riding experience required) – 5 camels
2024 dates for the 8 day ride: 
  • 16. December 2024 – 5 camels