Wadi Rum - Off the Beaten Track

100km South Loop into the remote corners of Wadi Rum, sleep under the open sky.

Wadi Rum is a desert valley located in southern Jordan, characterized by its stunning natural beauty and unique Bedouin culture. The Bedouins are nomadic Arab tribes who have inhabited the region for centuries, and have created a rich culture that is deeply connected to the desert landscape.

It is a living, breathing cultural heritage that has been preserved by the people for centuries. It is a place of incredible beauty, and a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the human spirit.

And what is better than discovering this part of the world with Ayesh and his family, who as a young boy, used to join Wadi Rum visitors through the desert and the mountains, guiding them by camel. 

We are partnering with a family run operator, who have a personal interest in operating trips in a sustainable, and naturally authentic way, preserving the best Wadi Rum has to offer.


ADCRC departure: February 2024

Camels available: 6

Operator: Wadi Rum Discovery

Where: Wadi Rum, Jordan

When: can be booked for private trips between October and March. Contact us.

Riding level: for ADCRC departures, prior riding experience is a must. 

For private groups, no experience is needed.

Weight limit: Maximum of 90kg / 198lbs

Time in the saddle: 6 hours per day


Camels are an iconic part of the Bedouin culture in Wadi Rum, and they have been used for transportation and trade in the region for centuries. 

Ayesh’s camels are well looked after and will be great companions for this 100km journey.

The typical gear includes a thick saddle blanket, which is placed over the camel’s hump, and a sturdy wooden framed saddle that is secured to the blanket and camel. The saddle is designed to distribute the rider’s weight evenly, and to provide a comfortable and stable platform for the journey. In true Jordanian fashion, you will be riding crossing your legs over the neck of the camel. 


1 night will be spent in typical semi permanent tents that are equipped with electricity and low single beds.

2 nights will be spent in wadis, that are so remote, far from any tourists camps, where you will be provided with mattresses and blankets, to  sleep in the open under the stars. jerry cans are provided with water for hand/ face washing etc. bottled water is provided for drinking. Here, there are no bathrooms or electricity available. Toilet etiquette will be explained and must be followed to preserve a clean desert.

Plan the charging of your devices accordingly or enjoy being disconnected. 


Airport transfer via Madaba to Wadi Rum, small city tour in Madaba, accommodation in tents and free camping in Wadi Rum, camels, all meals and drinks (strictly non alcoholic), bilingual guide (English & Arabic), tips


The price does not include international or domestic flights, travel insurance and visa costs.

Full medical and holiday insurance is required to join the ride.


Transfers are included to and from Amman Airport.

For anyone staying longer or arriving earlier, we suggest to meet the group at the airport. 


Overall, the meals in Wadi Rum are flavorful, wholesome, and nourishing, and offer a delicious taste of the Bedouin culture and way of life.

Breakfast includes eggs, bread, beans, coffee and tea.

For lunch expect to eat light, as you’ll be traveling in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert, though the packed lunches will be enough to keep you going for the second half of the day. 

Evening meals are freshly cooked and represent Jordanian cuisine, often with meat or chicken. Vegetarian options might be limited. 

You’ll be served endless cups of tea throughout the trip. 

Meals in Madaba are included in the price. We will be eating in typical local eateries, enjoying Jordanian specialties. 

Packing list

We recommend long, light colored (linen) shirts, traditional jalabiyas and kandooras, or anything that blends in well, with the stunning landscapes, covers your skin from the strong sun, and makes it easy for you to sit on the camel and on carpets to have meals. Riding pants, are recommended or any type of pants that does not have a high synthetic material content, to avoid sliding on the camel.

To protect your head, it is recommended to wear a sheila, or head scarf, which can also be purchased in Jordan. Footwear can be either barefoot, or sandals, that are fixed to the foot to avoid falling off while riding. Do also include closed shoes for the cold nights

The nights in the desert can get rather chilly, close to 0 degrees Celsius, so do include a pair of socks, and a warm jacket for the evenings.

Bring a sleeping bag liner while using provided blankets.



Semi permanent tents with beds and blankets. Feel free to bring a sleeping bag liner for your own comfort as the blankets don’t have sheets. 

Sleeping under the stars is a unforgettable experience and is safe in Wadi Rum. A true camping experience including meals cooked over the fire, and a chance to engage in conversations inspired by the long day and magnificent surroundings.

Prices and Availability

This trip can be booked for private groups. Ayesh and his team welcome guests almost all year round for a different types of adventures, including shorter trips, or desert explorations by car. Reach out to us for a customized journey.

ADCRC Departure:

We have special departures for solo travellers, couples or pairs of friends that would like to ride.


AED 3,650 per person / 3 Nights / 4 Days / Six Riders


You’ll arrive with an early morning flight to Amman Airport. We recommend the FlyDubai FZ147 itinerary. Meet Jana, your ADCRC rep for the trip at the airport.

We will use the the day to explore Madaba, a city just outside of Amman, very charming. 

As for many of us, it might be the first visit to Jordan, we are exploring the cultural context of the country with a local guide. 

Lunch will be at a local restaurant for authentic Jordanian cuisine.

We will arrive to Wadi Rum village in the evening after a 4 hours drive.

The first night will be spent in the camp near Wadi Rum Visitor Center

In the morning, we will finally meet the camels. The first section is going to be a walk, as it helps camel and rider to get accustomed to one another. 

Be prepared for a good 40 kms ride towards the south, deeper into the Wadi towards the Saudi border.

The night will be spent in a camp with no tents, around the fire and under the stars.

Rise early, and warm yourself with a hot cup of tea. 

Breakfast is prepared at camp, before saddling the camels and traveling for another 40kms to our last camping location.

Return to the Wadi Rum Village, the shortest riding day, to complete a total distance of 100km over the 3 days. 

We will reach Wadi Rum Village before noon. If time allows, a short Jeep tour will take you to some additional sights of Wadi Rum, as well as a visit to the Women’s pavilion at the Wadi Rum Visitor Center, before heading back to Amman, for the late evening flight back to Dubai (FZ144).