Exploring Inner Oman

The fertile lands of Izki with Ahmad al Mahrouqi and his camels

The town of Adam, also known as “Adham” or “Izki”, is a historic town located in the Dakhiliyah region of Oman. The town has significant cultural and historical importance due to its location on the ancient trade route connecting the interior of Oman with the coast.

Adam was an important trading center in Oman since ancient times, and it was known for its strategic location on the trade route between Muscat and Nizwa. The town was a hub for the trade of frankincense, dates, and other goods, and it played a crucial role in the development of Oman’s economy.


Min 3 night trip

ADCRC departure: 9.-11. November 2023

Camels available: 6

Cost: AED 850 to AED 1,350 per night per person depending on the total number of guests

Operator: Ahmad Al Mahrouqi

Where: Dakhiliyah, Oman

When: Mid-October to mid-March (depending on Ramadan)

Riding level: For ADCRC departures, prior riding experience is a must. 

For private groups, no experience is needed

Weight limit: Maximum of 90kg / 198lbs

Time in the saddle: 4-6 hours per day


Ahmad’s camels have been trekking with him for hundreds of kilometers, if not thousands. The sturdy Omani bread is reliable, mellow tempered and responsive.

They are well looked after by Ahmad himself. 

These magnificent animals are well-suited to the harsh desert environment, and are prized for their strength, endurance, and ability to go long periods without water.

Gear: Ahmad has invested a lot of time and research into finding suitable trekking saddles. He now offers a comfortable, well cushioned adaptation of the usual camel blanket saddle, and combines it with traditional Omani elements such as goat furs and lots of tassels. 


The nights will be spent in different permanent and semi permanent farms.


Accommodation in tents in during the trek, camels, all meals and drinks (strictly non alcoholic), bilingual guide (English & Arabic), tips


The price does not include international or domestic flights, transfer by car from the airport or from Dubai, travel insurance and visa costs.

Full medical and holiday and r riding insurance is required to join the ride.


Transfers are not provided but we can help make arrangements at extra charge.


Overall, the meals in Oman are flavorful, wholesome, and nourishing, and offer a delicious taste of the Bedouin culture and way of life.

Breakfast includes eggs, bread, beans, coffee and tea.

For lunch expect to eat light, as you’ll be traveling in the middle of the desert and rocky flats, though the packed lunches will be enough to keep you going for the second half of the day. 

Evening meals are freshly cooked and represent Omani cuisine, often with meat or chicken. Vegetarian options might be limited. 

You’ll be served endless cups of tea throughout the evenings. 

Packing List

We recommend long, light colored (linen or cotton) shirts, traditional jalabiyas and kandooras, or anything that blends in well with the stunning landscapes, covers your skin from the strong sun, and makes it easy for you to sit on the camel and on carpets to have meals. Riding pants, are recommended or any type of pants that do not have a high synthetic material content, to avoid sliding on the camel.

To protect your head, it is recommended to wear a sheila, or head scarf, which can also be purchased in Oman. Footwear can be either barefoot, or sandals, that are fixed to the foot to avoid falling off while riding. 

The nights in the desert can get rather chilly, so do include a pair of socks, and a warm jacket for the evenings.




Prices and Availability

Ahmad welcomes guests almost all year round for a different types of adventures, including shorter trips by camel and visits to the historical district of Adam. Reach out to us for a customized journey.

ADCRC Trips:

We have special departures for solo travellers, couples or pairs of friends that would like to ride.

9.-11. November 2023

AED 2,550 per person / 3 Nights / 4 Days / Six Riders

Send us an email to book and we will get back to you with more information.

You will arrive in the afternoon or evening from Dubai by car or any other port. 

Meeting the camels and riding to… 

Continuing to

Last day of the trek and a short ride in the morning/ leave after breakfast.