Omani Camel Traditions

Witness the traditional Ardha races with the famous Al Batina Camel Bread and learn yourself the ins and outs of the race, camels and gear.

Al Khabourah holds regular festivals for camels, where many tribes from surrounding lands participate and compete, keeping old traditions alive and passing them on to younger generations. The practice of Ardha Races has been on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2018.

A practice, that is still very undocumented (in English), and not known to many, we are partnering up with Auf Al Rabaie, to immerse ourselves in this world of camels, that is not far from the UAE, yet very different.

Join us for a cultural exploration of camel culture, witness the race, and participate in lessons on Omani riding practice.


Key Points

2 nights stay

Cost: AED 1,500 per person 

Operator: Ahl Al Hijn Khaboura

Where: Khabourah, Oman

When: 26. – 28. January 2024 

Riding level: Independent riding is a must

Weight limit: Maximum of 90kg 

Time in the saddle: 3 hours

Key Activities: 

  • Attendance of the race
  • practical training in Omani riding gear
  • 2 hours ride to camp 
  • Visit the camel gear souq 
  • Beach ride with horses


The camels in Khabourah are mainly of the famous al Batina bread, beautiful red colored females, delicate and energetic. For the ride, we will be riding typical calm riding camels.

Riding camels is a way of life in this part of Oman. It is very common for young boys to start riding along their older brothers and fathers. 

Omanis take pride in their camels’ looks, beauty and training. 

The gear and style of riding is different to the UAE, with a lot less back support. 


On Sunday, we get the chance to ride on the beach in Sohar, with small and compact, but firey Arabian Horses. 

If you are keen, try out the typical Omani saddle pad without stirrups. 



The first night, we will spend at a large residence that is opulently equipped with colourful interior and plenty of rooms to sleep.

The residence also features outdoor swimming pool, and dining areas. 

The second night will be spent in a typical camel farm, that has basic amenities such as washrooms and running cold water. We will be camping. 


Accommodation, camel and horse riding, skill training and workshop, guided attendance to the Ardha race, all meals (Friday Dinner to Sunday Lunch) including, bilingual guide (English & Arabic).


The price does not include transfer from and to Dubai or other locations, visa fees, travel insurance, optional tips.

Full medical and holiday insurance is required to join the ride.


ADCRC can assist with car pooling arrangements. 


Meals will be typical Omani dishes such as: 

Breakfast includes eggs, bread, coffee and tea, and potentially camel milk. 

Lunch and dinner will be provided, and consists of typical Omani cuisine, which are rice dishes with meat and/or chicken cooked in a stew or grilled.

The last meal will be a hearty seafood lunch in Sohar. 

Vegetarian and vegan diets may not be catered to entirely. please specify ahead of the trip. 

Packing List 

The first morning, we will visit a traditional camel race event. It is recommended to dress modest. 

For the practical programs, pack your riding outfits.

We recommend long, light colored (linen or cotton) shirts, traditional jalabiyas and kandooras, or anything that blends in well with the stunning landscapes, covers your skin from the strong sun, and makes it easy for you to sit on the camel and on carpets to have meals. Riding pants, are recommended or any type of pants that do not have a high synthetic material content, to avoid sliding on the camel.

To protect your head, it is recommended to wear a sheila, or head scarf, which can also be purchased in Oman. Footwear can be either barefoot, or sandals, that are fixed to the foot to avoid falling off while riding. 

The nights in the desert can get rather chilly, so do include a pair of socks, and a warm jacket for the evenings.


This is the first time we are hosting this trip. Join us on this discovery.

ADCRC Trips:

We organise a special departure for confident riders:

26.-28. January 2024

AED 1,500 per person / 2 Nights / 2.5 Days / Six Riders

Send us an email to book and we will get back to you with more information.

Arrival in Khaboura around sunset. 

Dinner and initial briefing, explanation of the schedule and rest at the residence.

  • Hearty and rich Omani Breakfast
  • Observe the Ardha Race in the morning with our private guide
  • Skill training and workshop
  • Lunch and rest
  • Afternoon: ride to the farm (2hours ride) on camels.
  • Settle into camp, dinner, social time
  • Breakfast at the farm
  • Visit to the Omani riding gear store in Saham
  • Beach ride with horses in Sohar
  • Seafood lunch
  • Departure back to Dubai